Friday 15 July 2016


Erm hi guys...
yes remember me? the girl who is meant to blog regularly on Takara Dori? yup she is still alive...if you guys were wondering...

Its been months since I've last blogged and I'm annoyed at myself that I haven't kept it up especially since there has been plenty of interesting stuff going on for me to blog about! 
Truth us I've been busy with school and just social things I guess, alot of stuff has happened tbh and I can't really remember right now from the top of my head so I'm going to have a snoop of my blog and see what I have talked about and what I have yet to blog about 

Wednesday 4 May 2016

Cara Delevigne Natural Makeup Tutorial

Heyaa all

I was asked by the lovely lady Cat over at Cut Out and Keep (a tutorial site for basically everything you need in life) to do some celebrity inspired makeup tutorials. I chose Cara Delevgine becuase her eyebrows are goals and she is just generally my woman crush forever and always.
Cara has a very natural beauty so she hardly ever wear heavu makeup, I loved this style of a copper and gold smokey eye with no eyeliner and just natural lashes~ so I hope you guys try it out! 

Thursday 14 April 2016

Mirina Collections Famous Necklaces | Review

Hai guys! 

I was approached by a company called Mirina Collections to wear one of their necklaces and review it so let's get started~

Saturday 5 March 2016


Heyaa, its been ages...
I've been busy with the whole youtube thing and live streaming and have kind of neglected my little blog...
But I have been doing a lot of photoshoot stuff and fashion things (a.k.a buying a lot) so thought I would share them with you :3

Sunday 17 January 2016

Myka Relocate | Band Merch

I have a problem. 

I buy way too much merch. 
Actually thats not true (well to an extent). I don't have way too much there is no such thing but I wonder why I have no money and realise it goes towards a never ending pit of clothes and ebay items...

Wednesday 30 December 2015

Im a Deer | Christmas Festivities

Merry late Christmas everyone! and soon it will be New Year, actually by the time this post is up it may technically be New years eve. So um Happy New Year too! 

Im kinda scared at how quickly christmas came around, and to be honest I actually prefer the time before Christmas Day because there is more hype and excitement...since Christmas Day just goes by so quickly...