Friday, 15 July 2016


Erm hi guys...
yes remember me? the girl who is meant to blog regularly on Takara Dori? yup she is still alive...if you guys were wondering...

Its been months since I've last blogged and I'm annoyed at myself that I haven't kept it up especially since there has been plenty of interesting stuff going on for me to blog about! 
Truth us I've been busy with school and just social things I guess, alot of stuff has happened tbh and I can't really remember right now from the top of my head so I'm going to have a snoop of my blog and see what I have talked about and what I have yet to blog about 

As with story behind why I did this post~ just the usual. I was scrolling through my Photo library and er yeah I saw these. Blog post was needed. If you follow my blog you will know I love my bands, general alternative, rock, metal and pop punk sorta deal. Im fangirl trash, let's leave it at that.

At the Sleeping with Sirens concert we previously went to (ah shit, I haven't blogged about that either, oh well I never have been an organised person) As It Is were the support acts and mentioned after their set that they would be having a small show at UNDERWORLD venue in Camden (if you are a fangirl/fanboy you will understand that small venues are like flashing green lights for us since smaller venues means more 'intimacy' and you know, a chance to get noticed by senpai).

Oh yeah, and if you don't know who As It Is are, *no problem I'm going to break it down for you~
(*Translation- "What are you doing with your life get your earphones right now and get your butt on youtube.")

As It Is are a British Pop Punk band based in Brighton, England. They are signed by Fearless Records (awesome record label, js) and the group consists of lead vocalist Patty Walters, guitarist and vocalist Ben Biss, guitarist Andy Westhead, bassist Alistair Testo, and drummer Patrick Foley.

Just a quick mention, this show was also not only a small venue but also with a limited number of tickets (something like under 100 I think? this is why I should write after these things happen becasue I can't remember anything now... but basically it was a small number). There were four of us that went, I refer to them as my Concert Squad cuz they are my besties and also who I regularly attend concerts with, it's a good system we got going on. 
That was a long winded way of saying we managed to get tickets and we went as a group.

Firstly I'd like to point out, UNDERWORLD  is an awesome venue, I mean its one thing that it's located in Camden which is basically one of the coolest places to go in London and the actual venue itself is eccentric and intimate. 
There were two support acts for the show, and I have to say some of the best support acts I've seen since I regularly listen to their music now and follow them on all social media and know all the lyrics to their songs.
Jule Vera and With Confidence killed it as their opening performances for As It Is, just the vibes and feedback from the crowd made it so much more fun since everyone was getting squashed to hell  (not unusual at concerts in general tbh) but laughing and dancing at the same time. 

It was hard to get some decent photos that didn't look like they were taken with a potato just down to the fact that the crowd was never still once but I'd rather be getting full on into the music rather than recording on my phone the whole time, but hopefully these ones will do~ <3

The pop punk lifestyle is not too shabby.

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