Monday, 26 October 2015

Chocolate Brownie Stuffed French Toast

Chocolate soaked french toast with a a creamy peanut butter filling and drizzled with chocolate sauce ~ a healthier breakfast or brunch french toast treat 

I love it when the months get colder. 

Not only does it mean Christmas is coming but it means that it is also socially acceptable to eat your bodyweight in festive treats and comfort food. Yes my figure may not appreciate it by the end of December but that's what new years resolutions are for am I right?! I was scrolling through my Photo library as I normally do when Im bored or don't have any exciting blogging material and I can't believe I have kept this hidden for such a long time! 

Sunday, 11 October 2015

Evil Alice in Wonderland | Halloween Makeup Tutorial

Happy Halloween my little Cheshire kitties! 

Well its not Halloween just yet but its basically yeah it is Halloween YAY.
Honestly the most boring thing about growing up is that it is no longer socially acceptable for teenagers to go trick or treating, I still want to go now but I reckon I will have a few doors slammed in my face. Im not trying to deprive the children of getting Halloween candy, I just would like to know that I have the option to go trick or treating at this age if I really want to. Maybe you will see me when I'm 30 on the news as that mad woman who went trick or treating and got arrested because people thought it was strange...most likely.
OF COURSE I CAN STILL DRESS UP THOUGH, in the comfort of my own dark little room where no one can judge me (she says after uploading a youtube video on dressing up for the whole world to see) who doesnt enjoy dressing up though. If you don't then your lying to yourself.

This year I thought I would go for an Alice in Wonderland inspired look, basically because a long black wig + creepy cute bunny dress = Evil Alice. The logic is there. 
And so I went ahead and made a youtube video! to which you should check out and perhaps subscribe??? yes. 
But I thought I would also do a blog post to appeal to any non-video fans out there so you can see it in picture form to which you can look back on or save or whatever is your thang. 

Friday, 2 October 2015

3 Ingredient Nutella Cake w/ Dark Chocolate Glaze

Super easy Nutella cake with only 3 ingrededients and an optional dark chocolate glaze (well not really optional...just do it) 

Well long time no recipe post! 

Iv'e realised that most of my posts lately have been more fashion and travel related which isn't a bad thing you know since variety is the spice of life, Is that how the saying goes? meh I dunno something like that anyways

I thought I would ease the food posts back into Takara Dori with a bit of chocolate, specifically Nutella because I'm not gonna lie, it is seriously my guilty pleasure in life. I have to admit this recipe was made yonks and yonks ago but I never got round to posting it, it was a special one I was saving for you (I tell myself- to hide my forgetfulness). This recipe is my perfect 'getting home from school on a Friday and craving a dessert but can't actually be bothered to make anything complicated or take too long to bake' dessert. A 3 ingredient nutella cake that takes about 5 minutes to make and less than an hour to bake? Im in. As in, dive into the jar and bathe in nutella sort of participation.