Friday, 28 August 2015

BEST ICE CREAM EVA. | Last Day in Edinburgh

Finally. The end of my Edinburgh trip post, it took longer than I would have liked but it's out there now so...PLEASE ENJOY IT.
Don't even remind me that I still have the rest of my Marbella photos to come still, oh well I can spread them out during the winter months when its cold and everyones complaining for summer to come around again (・_・ヾ

Friday, 21 August 2015

Artwork Inspiration | Kaori Wakamatsu 香織若松

This is my first art post...which is really weird considering art is kinda the direction I'm wanting to head in life. Pushing aside the recipes, fashion and travel posts, I hope you will look forward to my new segment 'Art Inspiration' or 'Art Spotlight' whatever you want to call it ^^ just know that its basically a nerdy girl sharing her artwork and or art inspiration. 

Thursday, 13 August 2015

Jazz and Trilbys | Edinburgh Day 2

Hello friends~ how's your summer treating ya?

I really need to make a habit of allocating blogger time because its becoming an afterthought due to sixth form summer work which I have kind of neglected oops... 

Hoping you all are having a fab time doing what your doing this summer, and maybe I will get to share what I've done with you all fully once I get my butt into gear and actually write some regular blog posts. It's all going to be ancient history by the time its up, ahhh but it will all be worth it right?

In current news, I'm staying with my best friend down in Dorset for a week. Well, technically its been a week already but long story short there was a poisonous snake bite incident which ended up in that person being hospitalised for a few days and what not. I mean,  don't panic or anything! all is good now and they are back home with all be it a massive-not very attractive bruise on their leg but hey at least it gave me more time with my bestie~