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BEST ICE CREAM EVA. | Last Day in Edinburgh

Finally. The end of my Edinburgh trip post, it took longer than I would have liked but it's out there now so...PLEASE ENJOY IT.
Don't even remind me that I still have the rest of my Marbella photos to come still, oh well I can spread them out during the winter months when its cold and everyones complaining for summer to come around again (・_・ヾ

This is the final pics for Edinburgh and there aren't actually that many so it's short 'n' sweet and so you can't say you didn't have time to read it ok? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
As usual we started off the day with brekkie at Hula Juice Bar because there food and smoothies are dribble worthy and I would go their for breakfast everyday if I could. Its the last day so cake for breakfast is perfectly acceptable, the healthy smoothie balances it out too surely...We shared a freshly made apricot pastry and a chocolate tiffin bar. My smoothie that day was a milkshake/smoothie 'Frangipani' which had honey, banana, cinnamon and frozen yoghurt~

Scarf- Small shop in Edinburgh
Top- Topshop
Blazer- Charity Shop
Skirt- New Look
Shoes- River Island
Necklace- New Look
Bag- Accessorize 

Some photos aren't as good quality since they were taken on my nan's camera. *Note to self: always pack your camera charger, you will need it. 

This was the reception of the hotel, I totally forgot to take pictures on the first day. They had keys all over the wall around the computer reception desk.

They have coffee machines and kettles for tea so you can go help yourself, although I think they do charge a small fee for either a coffee or tea. There is merch to purchase and sweets jars aligned on the shelves if you fancy a bit of pick'n'mix. If you want to use the computer you can use it for free, there is also a table and stools with lots of leaflets to help you with your trip in Edinburgh. 

 The last day we just walked around where we hadn't been and also went to the National Museum, it was actually really interesting since large animals seem to really captivate me...luckily they were showing a Japanese porcelain and Fashion section too

Around Cockburn (the area where we were going for lunch) was an array of different shops. It was like a mini camden with lots of independent retailers selling things from stationary, vintage clothes, more clothes, whisky, etc. I ended up buying a dress from a 60s style dress shop called 'Cookie,' although I wanted to buy more ♡(→ε←*)

Jumping straight to lunchin', after walking along a massive high street and pondering what offered the most tastiest sounding menu. I ended up choosing Mexican because I am always up for burritos and re-fried beans (✽´ཫ`✽)
The restaurant was called 'Viva Mexico' and the food was totally authentic since the lovely waitress told us that the chef was Mexican and from Mexico himself. It had a really cosy and shabby chic style interior adorned with traditional Mexican decorations. 

I ordered a Pina Colada with the meal which turned out to be huge and very rum tasting, couldn't complain thoughヽ( ★ω★)ノ it was creamy and coconutty which paired well with the spicy food. You could get a special lunch offer where you get a starter of soup, cheese nachos or sonoras with a main for £7.95. I had never heard or eaten sonoras so being adventurous and all that I got them with 'Taquitos de Pollo.'

The Sonoras are tortilla chips with refried beans topped with melted cheese and guacamole, which if you haven't guessed is THE BOMB.

'Taquitos de Pollo' was shredded chicken wrapped in two soft corn tortillas and then deep fried. It was also topped with salsa verde, crumbly cheese and sour cream, rice and salad was served on the side. This sort of food makes me wish I had a mexican friend or relative that can cook food for me...

Ending the holiday on a sweet note, I literally ran to the esteemed Mary's Milk Bar that I heard so much about on Insta and TripAdvisor. They do kick-ass gelato and home made chocolates but also do milkshakes, coffees and sundaes... I think I died and went to heaven. 

It's a tiny little space yet really cosy and relaxing, the staff also gave really helpful recommendations and were friendly to chat to. I could totally imagine myself hiding in the corner with a huge sundae and a coffee~

The array of gelato flavours- I can't wait to go back again and see what they have since they change their flavours regularly (♥ω♥ ) ~♪

I had a scoop of the salted caramel and another of hazelnut and my nan had the pistachio and drunk prunes with amaretto. Best way of eating ice cream is to both get different flavours so you can taste test. The salted caramel was incredible but that was expected because you know...salted caramel. The hazelnut tasted just like nutella but better since it wasn't as sweet and more nutty, not sickly sweet either which meant I could eat a ton of it. The other flavours were also delicious, I have to say this has become some of the best ice cream I've had- so so creamyyyyyy

Along with the ice cream I ordered a coffee. Hah haaaa not just any coffee, MALT COFFEE. This was recommended since it had a biscuity taste just like malt, yes people like drinking biscuit flavoured coffee. Why have Starbucks not caught on to this yet?! They also gave me a little chocolate shard to go along with the coffee~

Conclusion of the holiday: Edinburgh is awesome. 
Thoughts?: Im going there again next year. Maybe for the huge arts and crafts festival?

See you next time lovies~

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