Thursday, 13 August 2015

Jazz and Trilbys | Edinburgh Day 2

Hello friends~ how's your summer treating ya?

I really need to make a habit of allocating blogger time because its becoming an afterthought due to sixth form summer work which I have kind of neglected oops... 

Hoping you all are having a fab time doing what your doing this summer, and maybe I will get to share what I've done with you all fully once I get my butt into gear and actually write some regular blog posts. It's all going to be ancient history by the time its up, ahhh but it will all be worth it right?

In current news, I'm staying with my best friend down in Dorset for a week. Well, technically its been a week already but long story short there was a poisonous snake bite incident which ended up in that person being hospitalised for a few days and what not. I mean,  don't panic or anything! all is good now and they are back home with all be it a massive-not very attractive bruise on their leg but hey at least it gave me more time with my bestie~ 

Back to the past Edinburgh trip, our hotel was located in Grassmarket which I mentioned in the last post. It's a good place to be situated since you are kind of smack-bang in the middle of Edinburgh city and there are multiple hotels, shops, restaurants and cafes which makes it hard to go without and have to venture far. We wanted to find someone close for breakfast and luckily there was a juice bar/cafe called Hula right round the corner from the hotel. It was a funky little cafe with a huge chalkboard full with smoothies, milkshakes, hot and cold drink options. 
There are options for vegan, vegetarian and so forth with different options for those with allergies, they also have a breakfast and lunch menu ranging from homemade sweet treats and pastries to hot bagels with a variety of toppings. The interior was cosy and chilled which makes it perfect for coffee breaks (there is wifi too- the important things).

I had the Blue Hawaiian smoothie which had blueberries, strawberry, apple and banana. There was a selection of pastries and cakes so I chose the apple cinnamon and blueberry muffins. Both were seriously so good and makes me want to have holiday breakfasts like this all the time.


Blazer- Charity Shop
Sleeveless Shift Dress- River Island
Necklace- Oasis
Funnel Neck Top- Topshop
Tattoo Tights- eBay
Shoes- River Island
Bracelet- Market Stall
Bag- Accessorize

Brown smokey eye with false lashes and routine base foundation with contour, highlight, HD brow gel and blush. For hair, a centre parting with loose natural style waves using a curling wand. 

We did a bus and boat tour which took us out of Edinburgh city and to the sea. We went on a smallish boat from there to look at the famous Forth Bridge, there was also the chance to stop of at a small island mid way through the tour but we gave it a miss. Next time I want to go there thought, there seemed to be many good photo opportunities there and plus my footwear may not have been very suitable for an island...

I got a few snapshots of seals too, I took these from the inside of the boat through the window because it was freezing outside and maybe I didn't pack enough warm clothes... I blame the UK for its unpredictable and annoying weather. 

After the tour which took around 3-4 hours, I was determined to find this korean restaurant I found on trip advisor for lunch. It was quite out of the way and took about 30-45 minutes to walk from Grassmarket. But after all that we found it after getting lost multiple times and then looked at the sign. It was closed... 
It kind of made sense since it was a family run restaurant, so we had to find lunch somewhere close because after all the walking I was starving. 

We found a restaurant just up the road called 56 North, it seemed fancy from outside and the inside was modern with a bit of shabby chic thrown in there; they also had little booths at the side that were available. The restaurant specialised in grills, burgers and cocktails and I may have has a sneaky raspberry mojito with lunch~

They're brunch menu was still available so I ordered the eggs benedict with soft poached eggs, hollandaise sauce, smoked bacon and toasted english muffins.  I definitely rate this place for having great food (and mojitos). 

Using the buses is the best way to get around Edinburgh, I would recommend getting a bus ticket that lasts you for how long you are staying. We got a 48 hour ticket which aloud us to travel on any other buses to anywhere in Edinburgh. If you sit on the open top buses you can have a great view of the city and there is an option to listen to the audio on the bus which explains the history of the Edinburgh.  

High Street is one of the main roads in Edinburgh, this is where most of the shops and restaurants are situated. In terms of restaurants, you do get a lot of chains in this area and its quite hard to find an independent restaurant or pub without ridiculously expensive prices. In the end, we managed to find a family run italian restaurant along High Street which had fantastic and authentic food and better yet wouldn't cost you your whole wallet. The staff were incredibly friendly and happy which made it even more enjoyable~

At Gordons Trattoria I ordered the Tre Figlie which had goats cheese, italian sausage, rocket and red onion with a side salad. 

Had to have dessert even if it wasn't very italian~ sticky toffee pudding with toffee sauce and vanilla ice cream

There was a Jazz festival being advertised around Edinburgh at the time and on impulse decided to go to the last showing at 10pm. There was live music with bars and seats, the atmosphere was really relaxed and was lovin the little fairy lights dotted around. The tents were free to enter but the larger tent was a paid for concert which we decided to go to after having a pre-drink outside. 

The inside of the tent for the concert was amazing, there were booths all around the outside and the top of the tent was gathered which gave it a really pretty effect. Even though I'm not the biggest jazz fan out there, it was the kind of event you couldn't help get into and enjoy. I really wanted to get up and dance but there wasn't any dance floor...

It finished around 11pm and staggered our way home tired since we were up since about 7am~ I''ll check in with you soon in my next blog post (。♥‿♥。)

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