Sunday, 17 January 2016

Myka Relocate | Band Merch

I have a problem. 

I buy way too much merch. 
Actually thats not true (well to an extent). I don't have way too much there is no such thing but I wonder why I have no money and realise it goes towards a never ending pit of clothes and ebay items...

I recently got this limited edition top from Absolutemerch since Myka Relocate tweeted about the tee before Christmas and I was immediately plotting how to hint parents that I wanted this as a present, as you can see the plan succeeded. 10 points to me ;)
I don't know what it is but the fact that it's limited edition makes an infatuated band fan more inclined to need it as a necessity to's like special.

I have become a really big fan of Myka Relocate after hearing about them through watching one of my favourite broadcasters on Younow. First song I heard and will always be my favourite is 'Only Steps Away,' can't tell you how much I listen to this song and sing it in the shower and also on public transport. The elderly folk on my bus route must know it off by heart now too...
I should really call these types of posts Band Merch story time, so yaa people gather around with a cookie and a glass of milk while wearing your favourite band tee. We can start a religion or something. Too far? ok...
So basically, this top is awesome. The colour looks more blue than in person due to the editing since the actual colour is more grey toned but either way I love it none the less. It has Myka Relocate 'The Young Souls' written on it which is fitting considering I am a young soul myself  but  if your 80  theres nothing wrong with you wearing it too <3
Here's the top in action~ its hella comfortable aswell which is always a bonus, I sleep in it alot haha
Make sure to check out Myka Relocate's music and merch! its pretty awesome ^0~

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