Thursday, 14 April 2016

Mirina Collections Famous Necklaces | Review

Hai guys! 

I was approached by a company called Mirina Collections to wear one of their necklaces and review it so let's get started~

Mirina Collections are a Jewelry brand specialising in intricately designed necklaces, chokers, rings, etc. Everything they make is beautiful and all of their Famous Necklaces are said to be hand crafted, since I have become a Mirina Girl (Affiliate for the brand) you guys all get a special discount if you use the code: 

for a 20% discount (which is worth it considering the necklaces range from about $100 and up)

I chose this specific necklace since I loved the colour and style, particularly the moon embellishment. Its a mix of greys and blacks with clear gems. Its a hefty necklace due to the base of it being metal, so it is quite heavy around the neck not going to lie (^~^;)ゞ
 You cant really wear it for too long without feeling some strain, but for pics its perfect~

Eventhough its not a necklace I wear often (mostly for special occasions or modelling), its still an awesome design. They ship from America so for me who is based in the UK, it took about a month to reach me. This is taking into account that time is taken to make the actual necklace and for it having to be shipped. Another thing I would point out for overseas buyers is custom fees. Items at higher prices such as this may have a pretty steep custom fee so try to watch out for that. 

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