Sunday, 11 October 2015

Evil Alice in Wonderland | Halloween Makeup Tutorial

Happy Halloween my little Cheshire kitties! 

Well its not Halloween just yet but its basically yeah it is Halloween YAY.
Honestly the most boring thing about growing up is that it is no longer socially acceptable for teenagers to go trick or treating, I still want to go now but I reckon I will have a few doors slammed in my face. Im not trying to deprive the children of getting Halloween candy, I just would like to know that I have the option to go trick or treating at this age if I really want to. Maybe you will see me when I'm 30 on the news as that mad woman who went trick or treating and got arrested because people thought it was strange...most likely.
OF COURSE I CAN STILL DRESS UP THOUGH, in the comfort of my own dark little room where no one can judge me (she says after uploading a youtube video on dressing up for the whole world to see) who doesnt enjoy dressing up though. If you don't then your lying to yourself.

This year I thought I would go for an Alice in Wonderland inspired look, basically because a long black wig + creepy cute bunny dress = Evil Alice. The logic is there. 
And so I went ahead and made a youtube video! to which you should check out and perhaps subscribe??? yes. 
But I thought I would also do a blog post to appeal to any non-video fans out there so you can see it in picture form to which you can look back on or save or whatever is your thang. 

Here's the video~

 but if your in it for the blog post

Here I have some red eye contacts that I have applied BEFORE any makeup (you don't want to apply them after when you have a full face of makeup). This was my first time using eye contacts and honestly if you have never used them before or if you are scared to, don't be! It was easier than I thought and they didn't aggravate my eyes at all, as far as eye contacts go they were very comfortable. These Red Eye Contacts were from Blue Banana~

Then Im just going to tie my hair up so I have it out of the way ^^

Add your favourite moisturiser, I use Simple Hydrating Light Moisturiser

Add your favourite concealer to dark circles and any blemishes, then blend using either your finger, brush or sponge- I use SEVENTEEN Stay Time Concealer

After your concealer, use a foundation and apply all over the face including the neck and then blend with a bush or sponge to make sure its applied evenly- I use w7 PhotoShoot Foundation

To set your foundation, use a compact or loose powder. I find that a compact powder and pad has better coverage but use whatever you prefer- I use Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder
After using a compact powder, I get a big fluffy brush and get rid of any excess of the face. 

I now used a brow gel to make my eyebrows darker and much neater, this is honestly one of my favourite beauty products ever- I use Benefit gimme Brow

Cover your eyelids and around your lower lash line with an eye primer, this will make the eyeshadow more vibrant and last longer- I use Canmake Eyeshadow Base

Cover your brow bone with a white eyeshadow (no shimmer I would recommend, this sort of look will be more effective with matte based eyeshadows)- I used a varied eyeshadow palette which I used for the rest of the eye makeup
Then using the same eyeshadow, apply to the inner corners of your eyes~

Using the lightest grey colour, apply all over your eyelid (but concentrating more near the inner corners)

Getting a slightly darker tone of grey, apply to the middle of the eyelid and outwards

Then with another darker tone of grey, apply on the outer corners and blend with the other tones bringing it around your eyelid crease into the middle- we are going for a grey gradient effect

Using a black, concentrate on the outer end of the eye and blend upwards int the crease and into the middle as we did with the darker grey. Just blend more and more until it is less harsh and looks gradient.

Now taking a red eyeshadow, apply above and around the black. Try not to blend too much into the black since it wants to look separate, then bring the red around the outer lower lash line and blend some more.

Using an eyeliner (this is a liquid eyeliner pen but use whatever you prefer) line your upper eyelid and create a flick but make sure to extend the line further than your eye shape. We want the appearance of bigger eyes so make the eyeliner longer than where your eye finishes- I use Dolly Wink Liquid Liner 

On ONE eye, use your liner to draw a new lower lash line. Make it bigger on the end and bring it back up to your waterline, this will further make your eye look bigger and more dolly!

Apply a mascara to your upper lashes only and NOT your lower ones- I use No7 Exceptional Definition Mascara
Then curl your lashes with an eyelash curler

Using some false lashes (these ones I made myself by getting a regular pair and then cutting a segment of another and sticking them together to make one longer eyelash to fit our longer eyeliner shape). Apply a thin layer of glue, blow and wait for them to dry and become slightly tacky. 

Why your are waiting for the eyelashes to dry slightly, apply a white eyeliner to your waterline on both eyes- I use MUA white eyeliner.
Then after that, apply your false eyelashes- these will be even more fiddly because they are longer but  be sure to keep pressing them down. 

Get ONE lower eyelash and apply with some glue. Again while it is drying, add some more mascara and curl your lashes to attach your real eyelashes to the fake ones.

Add your lower latest your new lower lash line by pressing down and then when it is dry, slightly push the eyelashes upwards so that they are not flat on the face.

Now to make Alice look like she's been shot in the eyeball or that her eyeball is melting/dripping (grossly cool right?) draw some drip marks with a white eyeliner from the eye downwards onto your cheek. Make it as dramatic as you like- I went ahead later on and added more. When you are happy with the shape, add some white eyeshadow to set it.

Using either makeup or face paint (I used a red lipgloss for the red and a face paint for the black) add some playing card symbols on top of the white drip marks and dow the cheek. We are going for "if alice was bleeding playing cards sort of look"
Black facepaint- 

After you have drawn your symbols, tighten your upper eye with a black eyeliner pencil- I use Avon Super Shock Gel Eyeliner

Then contour your nose and cheek bones with a shading powder- I use Canmake Shading Powder

Then highlight your forehead, chin, bridge of your nose and under your eye with a white eyeshadow. Then add just a little bit of pink blush on the apples of your cheeks- I use Candy Doll

Finishing touches! Add a long black straight wig and here I am wearing one of my favourite Alice in Wonderland inspired dresses~ The brand is Hell Bunny that I got from Asylum Industries
I also finished the look with a black lip, I used the gel eyeliner for the lips since it had a more intense colour and lasts longer than a lipstick.

I hope you enjoyed the tutorial my mad hatters and have a SPOOKTACULAR halloween~
(˼●̙̂ ̟ ̟̎ ̟ ̘●̂˻) ♥