Saturday, 29 November 2014

Day in Camden | Vegan Food and Shopping

This was my first time in Camden (well not actually my first- but that was a long time ago and i don't remember so it doesn't count ) and my thoughts? LOVED IT.

I didn't know what a cool and eccentric place camden was, it was so unique and I felt that I could spend forever there just chilling out and buying a shed load of stuff. Also what made us want to go to camden was that there is a vegan cafe, my mum's friend told us about the place and how yummy there 'raw' cakes were. There is cake involved- so of course I was going to try it out. Plus I love vegan food. 

Camden proved a very popular place since it was heaving along the streets but obvi right? it's awesome and now my new favourite place (well, maybe on par with Soho. I love Soho too). Seriously, I kept getting distracted so much by the vintage clothes shops and huge sculptures of Doc Martin boots and legs with tights attached to the buildings. At this point though I was super hungry so whilst my mind was like CLOTHES my stomach was like FOOD. 

After much walking to find this place, we found it at the end of the road that runs past Camden market (just a heads up- the building numbers around there go in a weird order). The cafe is called 'InSpiral' and is officially known as an organic, vegetarian and vegan cafe/ bar- with live music and events too. It's a rather small establishment yet it is SUPER popular, there was always a queue at the counter. 

One of their most popular smoothies is the 'Banana Karma' and 'Green Queen.' Normally, I'm always for banana but I think they are a bit too filling for a side drink. My mum surprised me with green queen:


I'm going to be honest here, I love love love healthy smoothies and drinks but this one tasted... too healthy? is that a thing? The taste was sweet but grassy at the same time. I'm thinking it had something to do with the wheat grass- or maybe the liquid chlorophyl.
These were the ingredients:

🌱Mint 🌱Avocados 🌱Chia seeds 🌱Activated Almonds 🌱Spinach 🌱Weatgrass 🌱Spirulina  🌱Liquid Chlorophyl 🌱Dates

I think I will try a different one next time.

Saturday, 22 November 2014

Gluten-Free Dark Chocolate Brownies

Rich, fudgy and dense brownies made from only dark chocolate.They are adult brownies  with a walnut pieces topping, a crunchy exterior and a moist chocolatey crumb. They are Gluten-free too!

Friday, 21 November 2014

Fusion Food in London | Japan meets...Peru!?

Welcome Welcome lovely readers,

For my birthday (which was in May...yeah this posts a tad late) my mum took me to London.  When asked what I wanted to do I recall myself saying "I want to eat at yummy places" (maybe with a bit of shopping in chinatown thrown in their as well)

When looking through my photos I totally forgot I didn't blog about the places we went, and they were awesome places...that deserve to be written about (〜 ̄▽ ̄)〜

Whenever we take a trip to London, we ALWAYS eat at a Japanese restaurant. I wanted to spruce things up a bit this time and try somewhere knew... but somehow the restaurant was still Japanese inspired. 

enter...  CHOTTO MATTE!  The place for JAPANESE and PERUVIAN FUSION FOOD! Stumbled across this place thanks to the old Timeout London

Chotto Matte (which means 'wait a minute' in Japanese) is situated in the hip area Soho. Chotto Matte was launched during London fashion week and is influenced by Japanese and Peruvian cultures, apparently they also serve colourful cocktails and have live music too. Sadly I didn't get to experience all that but I can tell you that the food is DAMN GOOD! 

Tuna Sashimi (Maguro)

My dish- Donburi (rice bowl with toppings) Barriguita de Chanchito (Pork belly, nashi pear, yellow tomato salsa and vegetables). Absolute YUM.

Vegetales Japoneses (vegetable tempura)

Nasu Miso (Aubergine miso, aprictos, puffed soba andsesame seeds)

After some these yummy (and relatively healthy) noms, one must have cake. My favourite place in London for amazing cakes and atmosphere would have to be Yauatcha. It's an asian inspired tea room full of aromatic teas and unbelievable patisserie, it also has a menu chock full of dim sum, noodle, rice, soup dishes if your looking for more of a savoury affair ( ̄ω ̄)