Saturday, 26 September 2015

BEACH DAYZ | Marbella Day 2

So these Spain posts have been waaaaaay too drawn out but hey better late than never (a saying that I saw way too much). My logic is that now that it's getting colder into winter months these Marbella posts will act as a nice contrast to the darker colder evenings that are too come....even though I really like it when it gets colder and darker. Am I weird? Actually don't answer that. 

These pics were from our second day in Marbs and it involved all the typical holiday good stuff- Beach, Ice cream, Pooling and BBQing. 
I was feeling a sporty mood on that particular morning (hence the sports bra style going on) and intended to be productive and do some exercise...who am I kidding of course I didn't do any. It's too hot....I keep telling myself. 

View from our balcony- meh not too bad I guess ;)

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