Sunday, 22 March 2015

Grandma's Birthday Meal| Family Funtimes

Happy Sunday everyone! 

I thought I would just do a short post on last weekends events so that I can share a bit more of my daily life with you :) It was my Grandma's 66th Birthday (I know she totally doesn't look it, sometimes when we go out together, my mum is mistook for my sister and grandma the mum). It was just a chilled gathering with my Auntie & Uncle, Mum and her boyfriend and the Gramps, were not really into super formal stuff so a meal at the Beefeater grill it was. BBQ ribs here I come! no just kidding...
It turned out to be a great evening, helped by the fact that we had a fantastic waiter who was super friendly and chatty with us (most of which the conversation involved him trading moisturising tips and preferences for beards with mum's bf)...yeah

Did I mention that my uncle is fabuloussss
A sneaky photo of James my mum's boyfriend, now do you see about the beard!? Apparently the waiter uses almond oil....I suggested coconut oil
Trying to show of my new earing that mum got me, I love cuff style earrings although it gets pretty painful after a long time of wearing!

A photo taken by Grandad, I was impressed (since this is someone that still uses an old Nokia mobile)

I love spontaneous shots. Plus I think my Grandad looks like such a hipster in his glasses

My meal, BBQ pulled pork burger with thick chips. I die.

and of course pudding, 'Melt in the middle chocolate pudding' aka molten lava cake to us foodies out there ;)

Family photo, the waiter was so confused about my camera bless him XD but it turned out great! after a couple of tries.

Birthday girl, she even got a candle on her pud

Ending the night in style

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