Sunday, 15 February 2015

Web Linkage 15.2.15

Happy Sunday! I am now finally in half term and having a bit of a break from school and work stuff- although I have two history and one english mocks when I go I need to revise. But half term means an excuse for serious social media tackling, this means youtube videos and editing plus baking and food photographing which is how I would optionally spend my free time anyway (or how I would realistically want to spend my life for that matter). 

Did you notice the unbelievably cute toys in the photo above? This was a photo I took on my Val d' Isere skiing holiday a year ago, they were sold in a shop on the main street in the town and well, I am admittedly drawn to anything furry, cute and or cudly. Oh but did I mention that these toys are actually BACKPACKS~ I know genius idea, making something adorable and wearable is a major hot selling point in my books. That husky one tho! I regret not buying one...which one would you choose?

Weird/ Wonderful Reads:
❤  This is an art project I need to try.
Very interesting post, but what is the ideal body type? 
❤  Cannot get enough of this song- I have a feeling Shia Labeouf has something to do with it.
 Art meets eye makeup- I tried...and failed miserably

Foodie Faves:
❤  Did I mention sticky toffee pudding is one of my favourite desserts?
❤  Love cinnamon rolls and bananas- these are the ultimate
I don't know which is the more beautiful- the photography or the muffins
2 ingredients away from Nutella brownie heaven- I'm there

Screen Shopping:
I'm moving house in the summer, into a loft bedroom- A low ceiling theoretically means I actually do need this.
❤ These are a food styling hero!
❤ The ski love does not end- dreaming of the day when I can afford a ski jacket like this
❤ Not sure whether to paint this or buy the sticker, either way I love this concept

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