Saturday, 29 November 2014

Day in Camden | Vegan Food and Shopping

This was my first time in Camden (well not actually my first- but that was a long time ago and i don't remember so it doesn't count ) and my thoughts? LOVED IT.

I didn't know what a cool and eccentric place camden was, it was so unique and I felt that I could spend forever there just chilling out and buying a shed load of stuff. Also what made us want to go to camden was that there is a vegan cafe, my mum's friend told us about the place and how yummy there 'raw' cakes were. There is cake involved- so of course I was going to try it out. Plus I love vegan food. 

Camden proved a very popular place since it was heaving along the streets but obvi right? it's awesome and now my new favourite place (well, maybe on par with Soho. I love Soho too). Seriously, I kept getting distracted so much by the vintage clothes shops and huge sculptures of Doc Martin boots and legs with tights attached to the buildings. At this point though I was super hungry so whilst my mind was like CLOTHES my stomach was like FOOD. 

After much walking to find this place, we found it at the end of the road that runs past Camden market (just a heads up- the building numbers around there go in a weird order). The cafe is called 'InSpiral' and is officially known as an organic, vegetarian and vegan cafe/ bar- with live music and events too. It's a rather small establishment yet it is SUPER popular, there was always a queue at the counter. 

One of their most popular smoothies is the 'Banana Karma' and 'Green Queen.' Normally, I'm always for banana but I think they are a bit too filling for a side drink. My mum surprised me with green queen:


I'm going to be honest here, I love love love healthy smoothies and drinks but this one tasted... too healthy? is that a thing? The taste was sweet but grassy at the same time. I'm thinking it had something to do with the wheat grass- or maybe the liquid chlorophyl.
These were the ingredients:

🌱Mint 🌱Avocados 🌱Chia seeds 🌱Activated Almonds 🌱Spinach 🌱Weatgrass 🌱Spirulina  🌱Liquid Chlorophyl 🌱Dates

I think I will try a different one next time.

I ordered a 'Mexican Box' which was:

♥ Brown rice ♥ Guacamole ♥ Peppers Re-fried beans and something which I can't remember the name of... everything was delicious though!

and finally the cakesssss. These hands down are some of the best cakes I have had, you would not even guess they are 100% natural and healthy. I mean look at that chocolate deliciousness

This is the 'Raw Blackout Tart' - vegan, organic, dairy-free, sugar-free and cholesetral-free (a-mazing)
The chocolate is avocado and raw cocoa butter with a pecan and date crust- it basically tastes like dark chocolate fudge cake without the guilt and you feel good about eating it.  They are feel-good desserts!

The 'Raw Vanilla Berry Tart' is also a winner. A sweet berry topping with a raw vanilla 'cheesecake' layered on a pecan and date crust- I would eat this over regular cheesecake.

After InSpiral we checked out the street food area, because the smells were amaze. 

Chilling with Aslan-

We found dim sum! I needed that steamed bun-

The guy behind the counter gave us free chicken |  ̄∀ ̄ |

Lovin the Geisha Grafitti  -

The number of Nutella jars they have is pretty impressive, and the crepes looked tempting.

Oops, I was tempted <( ̄︶ ̄)> I got a banana split crepe with chopped banana, whipped cream, almonds and nutella. Not quite like the crepes in Harajuku but still gooood

My mum went to get a cup of tea and there was this at the counter- it made my day (-‿◦☀)

I will write about the clothes I bought and review them in another post so if your interested make sure to stay tuned (*^^*)

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