Tuesday, 1 April 2014

48 hours in Belgium

Goeiendag! (which is hello in Flemish btw...I totally did not just google it) Starting a Blog has been toying on my mind for a while now but I am such a huge procrastinator that it has not happened until now. But my recent trip to Bruges in Belgium has really encouraged me to start writing this blog. 

I have not really decided what kind of blog this is (in terms of labelling it a 'fashion' or 'travel' blog etc) , but what I do know is that there will be ALOT of food-ography going on here (which I doubt anyone will complain). I'm into my travelling and as you can probably guess from the name of the blog, I like love breakfast (well food in general to be fair...) 

Capturing a good snap shot of some of my foodie experiences has become a sort of hobby to me, so much so that when I had to write down my hobbies for a draft CV in my 'skills for life' lesson I wrote 'Food Photography'... I am not ashamed 

Hence forth let the photo bombardment begin! I saved the best foodie photos till the very end because they are by far the best and should be the last thing that is embedded in your mind (I guarantee whatever the time of day it is, these photos will make you hungry and leave you dribbling on your keyboard)  (。・ω・)ノ゙







BREAKFAST!!!!! (well, by the time we got up and out of the hotel it was actually brunch but technically the same thing)
 I chose a white hot chocolate to which the waitress then said "with whipped cream?" (no brainer right?) There were other flavours too such as dark, milk, coffee, honey and caramel. I wanted to try all of them...

 Now some may argue that this is a dessert and not breakfast/brunch, but when you find yourselves in Haagan Dazs cafe and every else is only doing lunch items and you desperately want sweet...go all out

It took me a while to decide, the final debate was between the 'Belgian Waffle Dream'(or something like that) and the 'Autumn Waffle,' I went for the Autumn waffle.

Two generous scoops of ice cream (I'm thinking it was Dulce de Leche and Speculoos and caramel), a waffle with dipped chocolate edges, whipped cream (with a little chocolate Haagen Dazs logo) and a cinnamon apple compote...food gasm or what

and yes. IT WAS AMAZING. Drooling yet? 

I have a feeling this item was seasonal since the Haagen Dazs website does'nt show it, but all the more reason you need to get yourself to a Haagen Dazs cafe right now and try this! 

Alas, the humble Autumn waffle shall be missed but I must now move onto my next foodie adventure

 Haagan Dazs website-  ヾ(@^▽^@)ノ

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