Friday, 12 June 2015

Web Linkage 12.6.15

Today's web linkage cover photo taken in Barcelona, thought that the palm trees and sun would get us into the summer holiday spirit!


THERE IS MUCH EXCITE TODAY. BECAUSE YES THAT'S RIGHT- EXAMS AND SCHOOL ARE FINISHED. Hallelujah and let the veg out begin~ oh wait I'm moving, maybe not just yet then. First I will have to tackle my bomb site of a room, I'm scared because I probably will find something growing in there.... 

Anyway, yeah so school is over and obviously I am happy and can take a sigh of relief but it's also quite an emotional time (although it's quite not hit me yet). It's the end of a really big stage in my life and it's strange to comprehend that everyone will be going their separate ways and getting on with their lives, *sniff* I told myself I wasn't going to cry.
I can't explain how much I am going to miss my family and friends after the move, I'm so used to seeing them everyday and they have had such an impact on my life. I don't know what I'd do without them. Of course, it's not the end. When you have such close relationships, it's hard to just give that up and I know that we will be visiting one another in the future 
It's crazy thinking I'm moving into a new house and a new school, I'm hoping I will fit in there and that people don't find me too weird...

Putting the emotional heavy stuff aside, I have a busy and exciting summer coming up and it's time to prepare for a new start! I was going to bake something tonight in celebration but I have been so busy with studies that I haven't found the time and I'm already got my evening plan sorted for tonight (Pitch Perfect 2 with the girls I'll have you know- that's how we rock a Friday night). But be sure to check back on the blog for my GCSE celebration bake that I WILL do, I've missed my oven. 

To those of you who have also finished with exams, have an amazing summer and many high fives for getting through this stressful period. For those of you who are still staying strong, good luck and you'll do awesome- I just know these things :) 

Let me know what you are getting up to in the comments! and enjoy my little web faves for this Friday since it gives you a perfect excuse to put your feet up and marvel in some internet reads    

What I'm reading:
 My friend Gregor has a photography blog and his photos make me want to cry. If you like stunning photos be sure to check it out ^^
I want to meet this french guy and learn some tips from him. This animation should be made into a real film
This music has been getting me through revision and I can see it becoming my favourite holiday tunes
Photography goals. Fell in love with the blue tone theme of Pisces (also don't you think the girl in the right photo looks like Shailene Woodley in Divergent?)

Foodie Faves:
✧ I'm obsessed with cafe delites blog, healthier treats are a winner in my books and these Espresso Fudge Brownies take first prize.
✧ I've been making these for breakfast, lunch and dessert most days. Who says you can't eat Chocolate Cinnamon Rolls everyday? especially ones made in the microwave.
✧One of my favourite chicken dishes to cook and leftovers are great in a tortilla wrap for lunch. Helloooo General Tso Chicken~
✧The avocados in my fridge are usually reserved for guacamole... but I'm willing to give them up for this.

Screen Shopping:
✧I don't care if I'm deemed too old for cuddly toys, I want the whole collection.
✧Just discovered a new fashion brand that I'm obsessed with and already bought way too much from them. But then I stumbled across this and now in desperation.
✧Amazed that I didn't know Gwen Stefani had her now shoe collection! safe to say that I want every single pair but will need to save up for these wedges.
✧The brand Yumi sounded Japanese so I investigated and spotted a gorgeous shirt in the sale.


  1. Congrats for completing your GCSE'S! I remember it being really emotional for my friends and I when we completed ours, but it also felt like such a release after all the exam stress!! I hope you have a wonderful summer! :)

    1. aw thankyou so much! its nice not having deadlines and actual work now (which means more blogger time hee hee ^^) Hope you have a lovely summer too! <3