Sunday, 12 April 2015

Birthday Meal| feat. THE GANG

Wow a post two days in a row!
Don't worry, I am revising. The evening is usually my blogging time when I have gone past capability to do actual work and this Easter holiday has been quite sociable for me considering I am usually a bit of hermit doing some form of revision or social media activity in my bedroom with curtains closed and bedroom door shut... nah I'm not that bad...
I wanted to post these photos soon as since I would probably forget and leave it for about a month and then the novelty of the moment has worn off~ so I decided to write it now while the memory is still fresh. And yes my memory is that bad, it's not just something that happens with age.

Yesterday, one of my bestest friends Kiera had her 16th Birthday meal at 'Bella Italia,' I was actually super excited because I had never been there before and it sounded amazing. Plus, Kiera came to school one day with THE MOST adorable cardboard box for leftover pizza slices and ever since then I was adamant about going there...for the box. The game plan was to go order a pizza and purposely leave leftovers, although to my disappointment we all ended getting bigger boxes which didn't quite cut the cute factor I was expecting. Next time I will leave two slices. That should warrant getting a small box...#priorities.

Pizza box dilemma aside, today is Kiera's actual birthday so I would like to wish her a massive HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! <3 and hope I get some of her birthtday cheesecake~ she literally just snapchated me a pic of it and I was drooling over my keyboard, maybe Kiera if your reading this *hint hint ;)
So here are some photos of THE GANG which are ultimately my weirdest and most wonderful friends, here you will see some ultimate swag and goofiness- enjoy ^^

This is basically us being annoyed with stereotypical romantic pictures-, we wanted to show gay pride. (who says it always has to be a man and a woman?!)

'Pizza Marco Pollo' which was shredded duck, spring onions and mozzarella on a plum sauce base-
Cioccolato Diavola'~ sticky chocolate fudge brownie with praline pieces, melting chocolate and vanilla ice cream
Me and Lyds: drunk on pizza and air.

Beautiful Birthday Girl~ 

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