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Hotate Spray 360 Deodorant | Review

Hey everyone! 

Today I have something super exciting to share with you all since it's the first time an actual company has gotten in touch with me about Takara Dōri! OMG the excitement in my face when I saw I had an email from someone other than a Facebook notification... 
So there I was checking my emails as you do and then I saw an email from '360 deodorant'~ better yet when I investigated they were a Japanese company which excited me even more. 

I just want to clarify before I get further into the post that I am NOT  being compensated by the business. I was sent a sample to which they then asked me to introduce and review but all opinions are my own.

Great now that's out of the way, lets get talking about this spray~ ⁽(◍˃̵͈̑ᴗ˂̵͈̑)⁽
First off, this product is called 'Hotate Spray 360 Deodorant' and what's interesting about it and what caught my attention is that it is made of 100% natural ingredients. The unique ingredient in this spray is natural scallop shell...and thats it! I was pretty amazed about a natural spray being solely made from scallop shell. This means that it is completely chemical free and it is advertised to be used for bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms, shoes, cars, clothes and even to prevent food poisoning in food and to also keep it fresh. 

'Hotate' derives from the word Scallop shell and it has a strong natural deodorant effect. The scallop shell is a strong alkaline and it is said that most viruses and bacteria are killed with such an alkaline, so thats pretty cool am I right?!
I experimented with the spray and used it on particularly smelly odours where I knew I could tell a difference if it had gone.

If you follow my blog then you will know that I have recently just moved into a new house and due to the move we have had to keep our cat indoors so that she doesn't run away or go missing (because I would actually sob for months if she did). This basically means that we have had to leave a litter tray in the bathroom for her which, Im not gonna lie, is smelly business. Good for me since I could use it as part of my gross as it  may sound. 

I was expecting a smell to the spray but it didn't actually have any scent to it, although if you spray a lot there is a slight shell smell to it (and yes there is such a thing- like when you go to the beach and smell the shells that you find. What no one else does that? just me then...). For really smelly odours I used about 10 sprays just to be sure but this little bottle lasts a surprisingly long time so I didn't mind doing that many. It honestly did mask the odour, it works better if you shut the door of the room you've sprayed so that it gives optimum results. It actually works even better if you spray right onto the odour (in my case, the actual litter tray) instead of just the room.  

I think this competes better against the other deodarizing brands such as something like Febreeze where they have very potent scents and just smell of downright chemicals. I also find it worse when you spray fragrant smells on odours since it mixes into this one big gas cloud of disgusting, so it was nice to find that this spray doesn't mix it just disappears. 
My other experiment was on pet goods, this being pet food and the packets it comes in. They have a really pungent smell to them and the spray dialled it down quite a bit, if you really want the odour gone then you will have to give a generous amount of sprayage and do it regularly- I'm not saying religious spraying, but maybe 2-3 rounds a day if you want it gone for good. 

I don't think I would be willing to try it on food since I don't like the idea of anything being on what I eat but for things such as bananas or oranges (things with skin) I would definitely try in order to keep them fresh for longer. 

Overall I think the spray works really well in toning down really bad odours but unless you do it regularly I don't think it fully masks it. In terms of general smells that aren't as strong such as in the kitchen, living room or on clothes for example it does a really good job of getting rid of them. Moreover I love love how it doesn't have a chemical scent to it unlike the ones that make you gag if you spray too much of it, Hotate is especially good for people with pets since I dislike the idea of spraying chemicals around pets since it can't be that great for them.

I used the 120 ml spray but they are also available in a 500ml spray bottle and a commercial- sized 5000ml. From what I found in the leaflet they also have a Crystal spray with a fresh citrus fragrance which contains natural mineral salts, now I don't know how that one smells or works but if your interested its an option~⌒°(❛ᴗ❛)°⌒

So I hope you were interested with the post and blasted away with my amazing description of the scallop shell spray ୧| ” •̀ ل͜ •́ ” |୨ and I will see you next time folks!

If your interested in buying~
You can buy them from Amazon and eBay or directly from them at-
Price~ *note: some of the currency conversations may be more or less
Hotate Spray 120ml
1 - 12USD, £7.90 - (Shipping 8USD, £5.30)
10- 60USD, £39.54 - (Shipping Free)
Hotate Spray 500ml
1- 20USD, £13.18 - (Shipping 10USD, £6.60)
3- 60USD, £39.54 - (Shipping Free)
Crystal Spray 100ml
1- 12USD, £7.90 - (Shipping 8USD, £5.30)
12- 72USD, £47.45 - (Shipping Free)


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